Himbrimi Old Tom Gin 50cl

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A sweet, floral gin coming from the wilds of Iceland

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Old Tom
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Himbrimi Old Tom Gin

Both inspired by, and utilising herbs which are found along the banks of lakes and rivers in Iceland, this is a gin quite unlike anything you will have tried before.

Using wild arctic thyme, angelica flowers (not the root!), lemon peel and juniper they blend with a neutral grain alcohol which is sweetened with honey.

The aroma of this gin is woody, with a wild nature feel. Think pine bark, sweet dark honey and mosses. The flavour stands out - its proud of itself almost, with a bold flavour with defined spicy notes. The earthy notes detected in the nose come through too. Mid palatte the juniper comes forward with a freshness which is joined with thyme, lavender and a little tarragon.

The finish is somewhat bitter from the herbs, with a sweetness which lightens it. It remains on the palate, reminding of the drink.

This is definitely a gin which can be drunk slowly and savoured. 

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Perfect Serve

Whilst this is a sweetened Gin (and therefore defined as an Old Tom), this is distilled with herbs, which blends a degree of bitterness into the end of the drink, similar to an Amaro (Italian sweetened herbal liqueur). Because of this, we really enjoyed drinking this on its own as a digestif.

This would also make an interesting addition to a Negroni, bringing a different nuance of herbal flavours.

For a longer drink, try with a Ginger Ale (Fentimans works well). 50ml of the gin with 150ml of the tonic is a good ratio, a couple of ice cubes and a garnish of a slice of orange.

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  1. Een must have Old Tom
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    Een bijzondere Old Tom en zn geld meer als waard. Licht zoet zoals een Old Tom hoort te zijn, een fruitige afdronk met een heerlijke toon op de tong. Een echte aanrader.

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