Hooghoudt Aged 5 Years Genever 70cl

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Hooghoudt Aged 5 Years Genever 70cl

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You take a barrel that has been used in Spain for more than 20 years to mature high quality sherry oloroso. The barrel is made by a prominent 'toneleria' with craftsmanship from oak (Quercus Robur). The staves are dried in the open air for a long time, which ensures an optimal mixing of the flavours in the wood, the tannins and the liquid in the barrel.

This barrel offers a unique genever. After five years of patient maturing, our Aged Genever is ready for 5 years. The basis is a balanced grain mix consisting of wheat, corn and rye. With this, a malt wine has been distilled that offers a stage to all the essential flavours from the grain; the natural sweetness from the corn, the fresh taste from wheat and the spicy accent of rye.

For at least five years, the malt wine has been able to dissolve the flavours of the sherry oloroso and the flavours from the wood to create a perfect marriage in which the grains and the flavours of the barrel share the stage.

Tasting note
Fragrance: warm notes of currants and raisins of the sherry oloroso, warm spicy, light wood notes with a hint of vanilla, a hint of juniper, the freshness of anise and the warm sweetness of toffee.

Taste: mouth filling, rich, warm spicy, dropy, round, soft notes of currants and raisins, figs, toffee and a delicious long finish. In short: A big smile.

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