Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever 70cl

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A contemporary take on genever, with a mild spice and delicious sweetness

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Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever

With their sweet spiced genever, Hooghoudt bring a contemporaty twist to Genever - and sure to please genever lovers, as well as introduce it to a whole new audience.

Made in a traditional way, with juniper and spice - this has a sweetened taste (as the name suggests), being made also with vanilla and cinnamon. 

This is a really apppealing genever on the nose, with a sweet caramel aroma and hints of vanilla and cinnamon. There is a definite note of juniper too, and a touch of liquorice.

On the palate this has similar notes to the aroma. It's smooth, and bursting with flavour. There's quite a lot of spice, but mild and warming rather than full of heat. A touch of fruit from grapefruit and apricot, and caramel along with vanilla really come through as well. Overall an almost candy like flavour - but of the adult variety!

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Perfect Serve

This can be enjoyed neat just below room temperature, but we like this as a longer drink.

In a tall glass filled with ice, pour 50ml of the genever and top up with 150 - 200ml of Ginger Ale (we like this with Fever-Tree Ginger Ale). Finish off with a slice of lime, which helps cut through the sweetness with the ginger.

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