Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 Non Alcoholic Spirit 70cl

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A delicious aroma and taste of lavender joins with juniper and a touch of citrus in this non-alcoholic drink.

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Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Whatever the reason you're not drinking alcohol, Hooghoudt believe you should still enjoy a quality drink "where it is about taste, experience and reward".

With their Zero Zero 24, Hooghoudt have taken inspiration from their Rich Jenever No. 24. Created using juniper and lavender, with a hint of elderflower. They transformed the authentic recipe from the 2nd generation of Hooghoudt distillers into an alcohol-free drink with a "touch of Groningen sobriety". The quality of the drink stands on its own too, with it winning a silver medal at the London Spirits Competition in 2020.

Zero Zero 24 has a delicious fresh floral scent, with notes of citrus and lively juniper. It's reminiscent of a summer walk in nature.

The flavour is refreshing, with floral and mild spicy notes. Great on a warm day to quench your thirst. 

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Perfect Serve

This drink is perfect enjoyed with sparkling water, or a neutral tonic. We like this with Lobsters Tonic Water in particular. 50ml of the Zero Zero 24 to around 100ml of the tonic. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit.

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