Hoxton Gunpowder & Rosehip Pink Gin 70cl

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A sweet and unique 21st century take on a pink gin

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United Kingdom
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Citrus, Floral, Sweet


Hoxton Gunpowder & Rosehip Pink Gin

Deliberately defying all gin convention, and using the most imaginative and inventive selection of botanicals, Hoxton continue to create someting quite special. With their pink gin, they have taken a slightly differnt direction than with other distillers. Again, creating something quite unique.

Taking inspiration by the way Old Tom Gin's were crafted in the 18th century, this is a traditionally sweetened gin. In their case, they have used hand-crafted hibiscus sugar. 

This isn't just unique, but also a delicious gin. There is a floral character, reminiscent of roses, which melds strangely, yet perfectly with the tannin of the gunpowder tea.  The taste is a perfect blend of sweetness from the hibiscus sugar, a sharpness from citrus, and a somewhat dry edge from the tannin in the gunpowder tea.

Certainly not your usual pink gin, but they didn't set out to copy... they set out to create. And with this gin, they certainly have created something delicious.

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Perfect Serve

This can be enjoyed as a deliciously different variation on a pink gin by mixing with a tonic of your choice (we love this with The Artisan Drinks Classic London Tonic), and garnished with a sliced strawberry.

But for something fruity and a little more special, try a Hoxton Pink Fizz. Muddle some raspberries (crush them) and add to a glass filled with ice. Add in 50ml of the gin, and top up with Martini Prosecco. Serve with a fresh raspberry or two and a slice of lemon.

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