Icelandic Mountain Vodka 70cl

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Smooth and creamy, straight from "The Mountain" in Iceland

Icelandic Mountain Spirits
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Icelandic Mountain Vodka

Using a grain-base, Icelandic Mountain is distilled seven times before being blended with pure Icelandic water. This achieves the desired flavour profile, and delicious mouth feel. (This is also gluten free). 

After it's introduction, in 2017 it received a Gold Medal and exceptional rating from the Beverage Testing Institute.

It has a clean, smooth and soft flavour, with a creamy mouth-feel. There is a light and delicate touch of alpine herbs. Overall very balanced.

Did you know? One of the owners, and spokesman of Icelandic Mountain Spirits is Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (the Icelandic strongman who is known for his role as Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain That Rides) in Game of Thrones)

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Perfect Serve

Smooth and creamy, this can easily be enjoyed on its own (served ice cold.... it is Icelandic!). 

However this also works perfectly with orange or grapefruit juice, or a neutral tonic such as Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water. Use 50ml of the Vodka to 100 - 150ml of the mixer. 

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