Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin 70cl

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Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin 70cl
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It all started a little more than 100 years ago when a few good men made the first expedition to explore the Arctic region of Greenland - probably the roughest, coldest and inaccessible area on Earth. The men who returned, came back with a wisdom of nature: They had discovered and explored the biggest island in the world, a country of nothing but ice and snow.

Today we still salute the brave men who took huge risks and discovered the wonders of nature - The amazing Ice Cap and the beautiful country of Greenland.

This new super Premium Gin from the Arctic's of 44% alc. has already proven to be in the absolute world league of Gins.

Awarded the Silver Award in ISC (International Spirits Challenge) 2012, Silver Award in Spirits Selection 2016 and in the finest and most respected spirits competitions in the world, the IWSC (International Wine & Spirits Competition) in 2018 it was awarded with Silver Award for It's unique quality and excellence.

Distilled with the finest botanicals. Carefully well balanced with a full scent of juniper berries, making way for lemon grass and the soft tones of angelica root, a little touch of cardamom, spicy notes from the mysterious sandelwood, and ending with a slightly sweet and bitter tone of orange. Not to mention the remarkable smoothness from distilling with the iceberg water from Greenland.

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