Klopman Duivelskral Gin 70cl

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A spicy gin from the Netherlands, with fresh and citrus notes. 

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London Dry
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Citrus, Spicy


Klopman Duiveskral Gin

An old folk name for Juniper berries, Duiveskral is now also a Dutch Dry Gin.

Made in Haarlem, this is a London Dry gin, which means it has a predominant juniper taste. Through the addition of the other botanicals, Klopman give Duivesral a spiciness along with subtle citrus and fresh notes.

In addition to the Juniper, Klopman use bergamot to give the citrus tones, cucumber for the fresh notes, and their signature timut pepper boosts the citrus flavour and adds a warming lightly spiced pepperiness.

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Perfect Serve

Using East Imperial Old World Tonic, which is a low sugar neutral tonic, it ensures the flavours of the gin come through. Use 50ml of the gin to 150ml of the tonic. Mix gently in a large glass filled with plenty of ice, and garnish with a few cucumber balls, and a few timut peppercorns (or normal black peppercorns).

For a tonic which adds additional flavours, try The London Essence Co. Grapefruit & Rosemary tonic. The flavours in this tonic compliment and enhance the gin well. Again, 50ml of gin and 150ml of the tonic. This time, garnish with some lemon zest.

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