La Hechicera Rum - Muscat Limited Edition 70cl

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A fine blend of exquisite 12 to 21 year old Colombian rums that are finished on Muscat barrels.

La Hechicera
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La Hechicera Rum

Serie Experimental No. 1 Muscat Limited Edition

The Muscat Experiment

This is La Hechicera rum beautifully matured in the rich history of white oak barrels filled to the brim with the best muscat wine.

A forgotten experiment is remembered for now!

Twelve years after starting his rum adventure, Miguel Riascos Sr. filled sixteen of his rum barrels with his favourite muscat wine to see what would happen. He completely forgot. Another twelve years later, while conducting a disciplined inventory, his son Miguel Riascos Jr. found the barrels and that they housed a spectacular wine full of walnut, plum and leather notes after maturing in the relentless heat of Barranquilla.

He then emptied the barrels, filled them with rum aged 12 to 21 years, and waited several more months to create this mouth-watering finish. Truly an experiment worth waiting for!

La Hechicera Rum comes from Colombia, the most bio-diverse nation on Earth per square kilometer.

Nestled between two majestic oceans, it is carried by three mountain ranges that protect a myriad of ecosystems, with tropical rainforests, cloud forests, mountain steppes, deserts and plains. Colombia is filled with different cultural areas and is a melting pot of races, music and dancing

Perfect Serve

Best served on its own, or with a single cube of ice so the flavours can be truly savoured

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