Leonista Honey Reposado Agave Spirit 70cl

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Leonardo honey reposado is the sweetest member of the pride

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Leonista Honey Reposado Agave Spirit

Leonista, meaning ‘Place of the Lion’ has pride of place in the Gin Fling family. Taking their inspiration from Mexico, they are the first 100% Agave spirits from the Karoo region of South Africa. The range of delicious drinks are handcrafted in South Africa, using certified, organically grown ingredients which are sustainably harvested and made in the traditional Mexican way from an age-old recipe.It’s similar to how Mezcal is made, but only those actually made in Mexico can be called Mezcal (that goes for Tequila too).

The unique and smoky flavour of Leonista comes from harnessing the fire and smoke in the baking / roasting process and from the complex natural yeasts which are released during the crushing and fermentation stages. Full of character and flavour, with wooden undertones, the final spirit is rested for a slightly sweeter taste.

Leonista Honey Reposado is of course the sweetest member of the pride, infused with wild Cape honey. She's a lioness with a subtly sweet taste, still with the delicious smoky finish.

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Perfect Serve

Perfect to be sipped neat or with ice. For a longer drink, add ice and pour 50ml Leonista Honey Reposado into a glass and top up with ginger beer, which really brings out the sweetness. 100ml-150ml would be perfect. Garnish with a slice of ginger and lemon.

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