Lillet Blanc Apéritif 75cl

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A delicious wine based apéritif with a sweet citrus note

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Lillet Blanc Apéritif

For it's initial creation, Paul and Raymond Lillet took inspiration from Father Kermann, a travelling monk after his return from South America. Upon his return he produced medicinal using herbs and spices. It originally included quinine, and was the French equivalent of a Gin & Tonic to ward off malaria. 

When the brand was sold to Bruno Borie in 1985, there was a slight reformulation of the drink, and the quinine was removed - which also took away the slight bitterness which quinine imparts.

For its creation, semillion wine is mixed with macerated sweet Spanish and Moroccan liqueurs and green orange peels from Haïti. They steep the ingredients in oak vats, and then treat it like a Bordeaux wine during the ageing process

On the nose, Lillet Blanc gives off syrupy sweet aromas of apricots, peaches and a floral note. The flavour is sweet, and has a rich oily feeling - which allows it to coat the mouth, imparting its flavours. It has a mild lime zest note to start, joined by sweet peaches. This develops into a sweet, honey flavour. The finish is short, and imparts a slightly sour note of orange and grapefruit. However, the overal flavour remains sweet. 

Perfect Serve

Typically enjoyed as an apéritif, it can be enjoyed neat or with a wedge of citrus in the glass.

It's also found in a number of cocktails, such at the Vesper Cocktail (created for James Bond). For a simple, slightly longer drink, try a Lillet Bive, a popular germanic cocktail. Take 50ml of the Lillet Blanc, and add 100ml of Fentimans Tonic Water. Stir well, and swerve with a sliced strawberry, a few mint leaves and a slice of cucumber.

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