Lillet Rouge Apéritif 75cl

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A delicious fruity red aperitif from France's Lillet

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Lillet Rouge Apéritif

For the creation of the original Kina Lillet, Paul and Raymond Lillet took inspiration from Father Kermann, a travelling monk after his return from South America. Upon his return he produced medicinal using herbs and spices. It originally included quinine, and was the French equivalent of a Gin & Tonic to ward off malaria. 

Of the three remaining Lillet's available today (Rouge, Rosé and Blanc) their Rouge is the oldest, originally coming to market in 1962. It was created by Pierre Lillet (Raymond's grandson) to capitalise on the growing taste for red wines in America.

For their Rouge, Merlot wine (85%) is mixed with macerated sweet Spanish and Moroccan liqueurs (15%) and green orange peels from Haïti. They stir the ingredients in oak vats, and then treat it like a Bordeaux wine during the ageing process

On the nose Lillet Rouge has a rich smell of ripe dark fruits. The flavour is full of fresh orange flavours, joined with berries, vanilla and a delicate spice backdrop. At the end typical soft tannins from the ripe fruits linger in the mouth.

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Perfect Serve

Easily enjoyed on its own, this is also a great addition to various cocktails, or enjoyed as a longer drink.

Maybe try a Lillet Rouge & Tonic? Take a large wine glass and half fill with ice cubes. Pour in 50ml of Lillet Rouge and 100ml of a quality neutral tonic (we like Double Dutch Premium Indian Tonic Water). Stir gently and garnish with a slice of fresh orange.

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