Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin 70cl

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A true bartenders favourite, this is a classic gin whose flavour holds up to use in cocktails

Martin Miller's
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Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin

With their Westbourne Strength gin, Martin Miller's were responding to requests from mixologists for a gin which was more 'old school' in its flavours - allowing them to create full-flavour inventions.

Right from the launch, this gin proved popular. Both with the mixologists it was made for, but also by judges - it received the highest ever score (97 / 100) by the Beverage Tasting Institute in 2020 winning The World's Best Gin award.

The production of the gin utilises the same botanicals and processes as can be found in the original Martin Millers, so also uses two separate distillations of earthy and citrus based botanicals. This imparts a perfect balance between citrus and juniper. The botanicals used with the gin are juniper, angelica, dried lemon peel, cassia, coriander seeds, dried lime peel, liquorice root, nutmeg, bitter orange peel and florentine iris.

Once the distillation of these botanicals is complete, the distillate is shipped to Iceland. It is here that it is blended to strength using Icelandic spring water. This water is renowned for its purity, resulting in no artificial demineralisation needed which further enhances the gentle bouquet and trademark sensation.

With the Westbourne Strength, less water is used during the dilution - leaving the higher alcohol percentage.

The aroma of this gin is clean, with a pine forward freshness - merged with hints of citrus. The flavour is predominantly of juniper and citrus. There is some intermingling of pepperiness, and a clean finish with a hint of cucumber. The increase in abv ensures the juniper is more pronounced which ensures a richer, spicier mouth feel but still maintaining Martin Miller's reknowned soft and smooth finish.

Interesting Fact: The name Westbourne comes from the location of Martin Miller's home in Westbourne Grover, Notting Hill, London.

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Perfect Serve

The premise behind this gin is "gin as it should be", but one which stands up particularly well to use in cocktails - so we would strongly recommend trying these "in the mix". We particularly liked this in a Martini, where it holds its own particularly well.

If enjoying in a Gin & Tonic, we would strongly recommend a neutral tonic - and we like Seventeen Tonic Water.

In a large glass filled with lots of ice pour 50ml of the gin and top up with 150-200ml of tonic. Garnish simply with a slice of lemon.

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