Masthouse Column Malt Whisky 50cl

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This column distilled whiksy is wonderfully smooth and a definite easy drinking whisky 

Copper Rivet Distillery
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Masthouse Column Malt Whisky

Created by the Copper Rivet Distillery, in Kent - the location of the distillery has a rich tradition of innovation and craftsmanship. This area once produced world-class ships.

The story starts in 2005 when the Russell family began planning their distillery. It took much planning, but in 2015 they found the future home of Copper Rivet Distillery and the Victorian Pump House No. 5 in Chatham Maritime was purchased.

In 2016 they began distilling, but it wasn't until 2017 that they officially opened. On Friday 1st December, HRH The Princess Royal (the British Princess Anne) officially opened Copper Rivet Distillery in Chatham's Historic Docky. From that day they began selling exceptional whisky, gin and vodka.

For all of their spirits, including their whiskys only the best early harvest wheat, barley and rye are selected to be used. These are all grown within 20 miles of their home in Chatham, working with known farmers.

Their Column Malt Whisky is one of Britain’s first single malt whisky's to be distilled in a column still. For this they took inspiration from the Japanese and American distilleries.

They use 100% Belgravia Barley which is grown at 40 acre field. Their mash has a long fermentation before its initial pot distillation. After this, there is a second distillation in the 10 meter tall column still. This unique column still creates a deliciously smooth, easy drinking whisky. The final stage is ageing in first full American Oak Bourbon Barrels.

The resulting whisky has an intruiging balance of flavours. It has an aroma full of Vanilla mousse with candied zest, toffee apple and light oak shavings. Whilst on the palate there is a lingering sweet cream with dried plantain, fresh cut pear and a nutty, peppery finish.

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Perfect Serve

As with all whisky, it's best enjoyed how your palate prefers! We really enjoyed this sipped neat at room temperature.

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