Mintis Amarena Gin 70cl

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Fresh mint, fruity Italian cherries, and a long dry juniper finish - thats Mintis Amarena Gin

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Mintis Amarena Gin

"Slow down, relax and let the better part of your day beGin!" - Mintis Gin

Mintis believes that life is too short for an ordinary gin, so they set out with the desire to create something extraordinary.

Pancalieri mint (recoginised the world over as being one of the world's best) grows local to the distillery. Along with hand-picked Italian Juniper, these are the core botanicals in the range of Mintis Gins - from which they also gets their name.

The distillery itself (Torino Distillati) is located in Moncalieri in Italy, and is run by Carlo Vergnano, his wife Piera, and daughter Rita. A true family operation. Their master distiller, Denis Muni, has over 20 years experience in creating reknowned drinks.

To ensure the aromatic and fresh flavours found in their gins are preserved, they utilise a vacuum stil. This uses a lower temperature to extract the essential oils.

For their Amarena gin, they have created a more fruity expression. Amarena cherries from Pecetto, Italy bring a sweet-smelling, candied cherry taste which, along with the fresh Pancalieri mint and juniper (plus other select botanicals) combine perfectly in this gin. Fresh, fruity, and delicious!

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Perfect Serve

This adds a deliciously fresh edge to a gin & tonic, and our go-to tonic for Mintis is The Artisan Drinks Co's London Tonic.

For a twist on a classic cocktail, try an Amarena Cherry GimletPour 50ml of the gin, 12.5ml of lime juice, and 25ml of sugar syrup into a shaker filled with ice, and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with a sprig of mint, and a cherry.

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