MOM God Save the Gin Royal Smoothness 70cl

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A uniquely smooth gin with a distinctly sweet and fruity finish.

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United Kingdom
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Fruity, Sweet


MOM God Save the Gin Royal Smoothness

"Always wear your invisible crown with MOM, the Queen of the Gins"

With the aim of breaking stereotypes, the producers of MOM Gin (González Byass) created their Royal Smoothness edition. Even the design of the bottle is intended to represent the two sides of the British character; Tradition, and modernity.

The gin itself is smooth (as you would suggest from the name) and distinctive. It's made with a total of four distillations which use exoic botanicals. The succesive distillations help ensure the smooth qualities of the gin. After this process the gin is infused with red berries (sweet raspberries, and tart, ripe redcurrants) which imbue their sweet fruity flavours. 

Whilst MOM definitely exudes a feminine, fashionable and sophisticated feel, this is easily enjoyed by any who like their gins sweet and fruity.

This is great for those who like their gin with a quieter note of juniper. The flavour of this gin is sweet and is full of the berry flavours and aromas, with the juniper being far more delicate (although it's still present).

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Perfect Serve

To create a delicious G&T take a large glass and fill with ice, pour 50ml of Mom Royal Smoothness and mix with a 150 - 200ml of a neutral tonic (we recommend Three Cents Tonic). Garnish with a couple of Maraschino Cherries and you can even add a few drops of the syrup to create a pink hue to the drink and a little sweetness.

If you like your drink super fruity, replace the tonic with Three Cents Cherry Soda. Dont forget extra cherries to garnish as well!

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