Monin Chocolate Syrup 70cl

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A deliciously decadent syrup full of chocolate flavours

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Monin Chocolate Syrup

As a young man (only 19), George Monin started selling branded wines and spirits in 1912. He chose the slogan "Passion for quality" and this is the ethos behind the company to this day. A french company, it is still family owned, and it's now the third generation leading the business.

Enjoyed for thousands of years, the history of chocolate can be traced back to at least 1900 B.C. It represented wisdom and fertility in Central America and was held in high regard by the Maya and Aztec civilisations.

It was only relatively recently that Europeans have added sugar, milk and cocoa butter creating the chocolate bars, sweets, and sweetened drinks that are enjoyed today.

Clear brown with hints of gold, this is a deliciously rich syrup with a strong cacao aroma and flavour.

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Perfect Serve

This luxurious syrup can be used in cocktails such as a chocolate martin or negroni, deserts, milk shakes or soothing hot drinks.

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