Monin Grenadine Syrup 70cl

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A deliciously sweet blend of tart red berries and warming vanilla

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Monin Grenadine Siroop

As a young man (only 19), George Monin started selling branded wines and spirits in 1912. He chose the slogan "Passion for quality" and this is the ethos behind the company to this day. A french company, it is still family owned, and it's now the third generation leading the business.

Throughout the bar scene, Grenadine is perhaps the most common and versatile flavoured sweetener. Whilst it may be confused with pomegranate syrup, this is not the case.

With its brilliant red colour, this is a perfect sweet blend of tart red berries (which give a degree of acidity) and the roundness of vanilla.

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Truly versatile, Grenadine syrup can enhance alcoholic, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. But it also adds to desserts and marinades too.

From Shirley Temple or Tequila Sunrise cocktails, to a simple mix with water, soda or sparkling water this will surely find numeorus uses in your home!

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