Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum (Mini) 5cl

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A bold and complex rum from Barbados.

Mount Gay
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Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Mini

At the top of Mount Gilboa, in the St Lucy's parish in Barbados, stood a small distillery, which was inherited by John Sober in 1703. A fourth generation Barbadian, Sir John Gay Alleyne was hired by the family to bring the distillery into the new era, and to honor the success of his innovation and achievements the distillery was renamed Mount Gay - a name that has a pedigree for excellence and craftmanship. 

By taking the natural elements from Barbados, Mount Gay Rum is made by combining the local water, cane, and airbourne yeast. Not only a tradition, the process of refining the cane into sugar and then fermenting into molasses, produces the most essential ingredient for their rum.

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum is rich, complex and well rounded. Made using a traditional column and double retort pot still, the rum is then matured in ex-American whiskey casks, and finished in heavily charred ex-bourbon casks for 6 months (hence the name, Black Barrel). 

This delicious rum has an aroma of woody and butter notes, which are balanced with dried fruit and spices. The taste is bold and aromatic, with notes of spicy gingerbread, sweet lychee and creamy toffee, and is well rounded and warm, with a medium body and long finish.

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Perfect Serve

A versatile rum, Black Barrel is great for cocktails.

For a delicious Black Barrel Daiquiri, add 60ml rum with 30ml freshly squeezed lime juice and 30ml sugar syrup in to a cocktail shaker full of ice. Shake well, stain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a slice of lime.

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