Nolet's Silver Dry Gin 70cl

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Floral and fruit-forward, this is a gin created for a new generation of gin drinkers

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Nolet's Silver Dry Gin

Carl Jr, and Bob Nolet collaborated with their father (Carolus Sr) in the creation of this gin, using generations of knowledge (the Nolet distillery goes back over 325 years) to ensure this would be something special, and unique. They wanted to create something new, which would appeal to the new generation of gin drinker. By using a unique combination of botanicals, they have definitely succeeded.

Whilst creating something new and fresh, they ensure that tradition isn't ignored, and the knowledge and experience shows in the end product. Each of their three signature botanicals in this gin are independently distilled in copper pot stills. They are then expertly blended with the base gin.

Using Turkish Rose, they have ensured this gin has a delicate refined air. It gives a distinct floral aroma, and delicious note to the taste. Peach adds a freshness, and lends a fruity sweetness to the gin. Their third botanical which makes this gin different it raspberry. This robust fruit lends a delicious tartness to the gin, which stops the sweetness from the peach becoming too overpowering.

When drinking this gin the juniper isnt overpowering, neither in the smell or the taste. It's still there (this is a gin after all), but its definitely muted. The floral notes greet you as soon as you open the bottle. Rose, along with an almost lavender note are present, and a delicate mint like aroma is there too. 

Overall this is a really floral, smooth gin. It has a delicate sweet fruitniess, but this is definitely first and foremost a floral gin. Perfect for those who like the juniper to be a back note rather than at the fore.

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Perfect Serve

This makes an absolutely delicious Gin and Tonic, and has enough flavour in the gin that a neutral tonic such as Fever-Tree Indian Tonic works really well, allowing the flavours in the gin to shine. If you would like it a little sweeter, try with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic which also adds extra floral notes.

Serve in a large copa glass with plenty of ice, 50ml of the gin and 150 - 200ml of your chosen tonic. A thin slice of peach and a raspberry work particularly well as a garnish.

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