Nona June Premium Non-Alcoholic Spirit 20cl

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A premium, non-alcoholic alternative to gin

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Nona June Premium Non-Alcoholic Spirit

NONA June is the first Belgian non-alcoholic spirit as an alternative to the classic gin. Developed by bio-engineer Charlott, founder of the Ghent startup NONA drinks.

"After delving into base, middle & top notes, I started experimenting with distillates and plant extracts. Following this, there was very intense collaboration with well-known Belgian top chefs and top sommeliers to obtain a perfectly balanced palette of flavours, with a spicy touch. Essential here is that every botanical undergoes long-term distillation processes in order to arrive at the most authentic and pure flavour components.

NONA - nine in Latin - refers to the nine botanicals that make up the non-alcoholic spirit. Of course, the main component of gin, the juniper, should not be missing. Hence the name "June", referring to the juniper (Juniper Berry).

Enjoy your NONA moment!" - Charlotte

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Perfect Serve

In a large glass filled with ice, add 50ml of Nona, and 100ml of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic. Garnish with a sprig of basil and some orange peel.

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