Nordés Gin 70cl

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A delicately fruity gin with a unique, and surprising flavour made from its grape base

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Nordés Gin

Produced in the Galicia region of Spain (just north of Portugal), Nordés is a premium gin, and the first Atlantic Galician Gin. It takes pride in its home region, which is rich in natural aromas and exquisite flavours.

Right from the start, the creators of Nordes wanted a recipe which took natural ingredients from the Galicia region. And it's this attention to their provenance that makes the recipe of Nordes gin rather unique.

The difference starts with the alcohol base which is used to make the gin. They use the albariño grape which is native to Galicia, and this really is the sould of the drink. Right through the gin, the fruity notes and smooth aroma of these grapes can be felt and enjoyed, through its subtle flavour notes and white fruit aroma.

Using this distinctly different base, they then chose 11 additional botanicals in Nordés. These are of course juniper, but also sage, bay leaf, lemon verbena, eucalyptus, peppermint, glasswort, ginger, cardamom, hibiscus, and black tea.

The result is a perfect fusion of Galician and world flavours, combining soft touches of white fruit from the grape with the balsamic aromas provided the wild Galician botanicals. A citric elegance from the verbena herb; freshness from the laurel; a mellow herbal note from the  sage; a hint of the Atlantic breeze from glasswort; and a freshness from a few eucalyptus leaves and a hint of mint.

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Perfect Serve

For a delicious Nordés gin and tonic, we recommend using a neutral tonic water. This ensures the fruity notes from the grape are not overpowered. Fentimans Tonic water works particularly well with Nordes.

In a large glass filled with ice, add 50ml of the gin and 200ml of tonic. Garnish with 3 white grapes (keep a few on hand in the freezer!).

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