Texelse TX Ocean Aged Gin 70cl

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A delicious gin is taken on a journey, it returns with even more of a story to tell with its delicious caramel and vanilla notes

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Texelse TX Ocean Aged Gin

Somethings take time to perfect .... and this gin is one of them.

Taking their TX Gin (filled with flavours local to Texel), Stokerij Texel use French Oak Bordeaux barrels, and send their gin on a journey. Their fresh and spicy gin makes its way across the ocean on a sailing boat heading for the carribean.

The return trip takes around eight months, and in that time the barrels are subjected to gentle wave movements, a salty and warm climate (at least when nearing the caribbean), which provides a more mature and delicate taste to their already delicious gin.

Whilst the eight month trip is leisurely, it actually speeds the ageing process. On land, resting the gin in barrels to get the same influence on the gin would take over 5 years!

The result is a gin which maintains its origins, but takes on a whole new character. The barrels give something special to the gin, and the gin has notes of caramel and vanilla added. Definitely TX gin, but something more..

To round out the story, each bottle of the gin contains information about the origin of the gin, and a travelogue of its journey

Read more about Stokerij Texel

Perfect Serve

For something so special, we really recommend savouring this one. Take a cognac glass, and pour in 50ml of the gin. Add a few drops of spring water, and thats it. Savour this slow and enjoy both the aroma and flavour.

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