Old Hunter's Reserve Rye Whisky 70cl

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A delicious Czech Rye Whisky, with 500 years of history behind it

Old Hunter's
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Old Hunter's Reserve Rye Whisky

It was over 500 years ago, in 1518 when the history behinf Old Hunter's Reserve Rye Whisky started. This whisky is created in Czechia at the Palírna U Zeleného stromu (The Green Tree Distillery). This is the oldest distillery in Europe. Certainly a great start for a whisky.

Their Old Hunter's Rye is a unique Czech whisky which is aged in American White oak barrels. This ageing is done in the cellars of Prostějov 5 metres underground, where their Blend Master (Roman Petruš) oversees the distillates. Their ageing process of their Reserve edition lasts for four years. 

This ageing, along with their original recipe (which has remained a secret for centuries) ensures the whisky acquires a delicate and harmonious taste with a delicious fruity finish.

The inviting copper coloured whisky opens up with an aroma which is sweet and well rounded with a light woodiness to it. On the palate it opens up with a rich, ripe flavour. The wood notes come through slowly, and linger to a sweet warm finish of orchard fruits.

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Perfect Serve

The distiller's don't believe there is 'one' correct way to enjoy their Rye. However they suggest trying at room temperature, as this ensures all the aromas are awakened. Or they reckon that enjoying with a little water brings the flavours forward and a little more pronounced.

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