Olifant Jonge Graanjenever 1L

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With a heritage dating back to 1841, you can be assured of a high quality drink with Olifant

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Olifant Jonge Graanjenever

With over 175 years of heritage behind it (produced since 1841), you know you're getting more than just a Jenever when you open a bottle of Olifant Jonge Graanjenever (young grain jenever).

Made with precious corn wine, it is fired in an original jenever kettle. Only the most best part of the corn wine is used though. This and the demands made on creating a traditional product means that when you drink Olifant jenever you can be assured of high quality drink.

Since the creation of Olifant in the heart of the Dutch distillery, this young grain jenever has become well known in many countries the world over. With every sip, the most important component, the corn wine, brings the Netherlands to the fore.

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Perfect Serve

This is delicious served on its own, but there are many additional ways you can enjoy this jenever.

For something refreshing and zingy try an Olifant in the Mix. Mix 60ml Jenever with 180ml Fentimans Bitter Lemon. Serve over plenty of ice, and garnish with a wedge of lemon and a couple of mint leaves.

For something a little spicier, try an Olifant & Spicy Ginger. Mix 50ml of Jenever with 150ml of Fever-Tree Ginger Ale, garnish with a thin slice of ginger, a slice of orange, and a cinnamon stick.

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