Otenba Gin 50cl

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"A sorta gin, A kinda genever" - try it and make your own mind up!

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Otenba Gin

A sorta gin. A kinda genever.....

In part Otenba has been made in rememberence of a man with equal parts of love for Japan and jenever. Jacob. Who is Jacob? The grandfather of Otenba's founder and distiller, Monique.

The name comes from the Japanese word for a rebellious girl. As such, its "aim" is to bend the rules..... or in Monique's words break them: "Cause while our industry often focusses on the differences between gin and jenever, we choose for one time to unite their strengths. The lovability of a gin. The depth of a jenever"

An adventurous, truly Dutch spirit which is fuelled with Japanese / Asian flavours like lemongrass, pandan and Sencha tea.... but doesn't forget, or overpower the juniper base, for which both gin and genever come from.

Perfect Serve

As this is part way between a gin and a genever, its really versatile in that it can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Try sipping neat, as a kopstoot (headbutt) with an IPA or as gin (or genever) tonic. Best mixed with a neutral tonic like East Imperial Old World Tonic Water (also taking inspiration from the east), lots of ice and a big glass!

Customer Reviews
  1. Flavor explosion
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    This is by far one of the best Gin/ Jenever i ever tasted.
    on the nouse feel, the aromas are really fresh, citrus and aromatic.
    on the mouth you really get the surprising taste of sencha tea, lemongrass, juniper and spices , finishing off with long taste of moutwijn from the Genever side.
    i recommend this to every one.

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  2. My favorite gin and jenever!
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    With some orange peel, it is super!

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