Penderyn Myth Single Malt Welsh Whisky 70cl

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Inspired by the Welsh Dragon, and the legendary Welsh Princes, Myth is a sweet and fruity whisky

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Penderyn Myth Single Malt Welsh Whisky

"From Wales to the world..." - Penderyn Distillery

The Penderyn distillery is located on the edge of the Brecon Beacons (a National Park in Wales, UK). It was launched on St David's Day in 2004 (the patron saint of Wales), in the presence of King Charles III (then HRH Prince Charles, who was the Prince of Wales). 

The location was chosen due to a fresh natural spring located in the Village. They also use a unique copper single-pot still, which was designed by Dr David Faraday (a relative of the famous 19th Century Scientist). This was installed in 2000 and produces a spirit at 92%, which is an industry high. Penderyn state this is one of the reasons that their whiskies are light, fruity and full of flavour. As if this wasn't enough to ensure a world-class product, they hired Dr Jum Swan, a Scottish Whisky expert as their Master Distiller.

Things have gone from strength to strength since their launch, and they have won over 100 Double Gold / Gold / Masters awards, and is available in over 50 countries the world over, including the key markets for whisky of France, Germany, the USA and China. 

The Red Dragon is found on the national flag of Wales, and the Royal Welsh badge has the motto "Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn" (The Red Dragon Inspires Action). The dragon features in many Welsh tales, and was the historic banner for the legendary Welsh Princes. It is from this that Penderyn have taken inspiration for their Dragon series of whiskies, which the Myth falls into. 

Myth is a single malt, which is finished in specially selected ex-bourbon and rejuvenated oak casks.

The nose is fresh and lively, with mixed citrus fruits mingling with apple, pear drops (a type of candy) and a gentle hint of tropical fruits.

Sweetness dominates the palate initially, before mellowing to allow a refreshing gentle bitterness to develop. However, through all of this mixed fruits are present, tantalising the mouth.

The finish allows the whisky to ebb away - leaving memories of a lively and light whisky.

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Perfect Serve

We particularly liked this with a single large ice cube, but as with all good whiskies, enjoy as you want to!

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