Pimm's No.1 70cl

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Pimm's is a gin based liqueur and comprised of a blend of spirits with orange fruit flavours

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Pimm's No.1

Since the year 1840 Pimm's has been made using the same closely guarded, secret recipe - which is known only to 6 people.

James Pimm opened his first Oyster Bar in the City of London in the 1840's and supplied Londoners with good food and a unique drink which became famous as Pimm's® No.1 cup.

His belief was that Pimm's exists to politely but firmly insist that there are more important things to do than writing 'to do' lists'... such as catching up with good friends.

Now known, and enjoyed the world over, Pimms has complex fruity notes of bitter sweet caramelised orange and citrus. Perfectly blended with sweet warming and intriguing savoury spice notes. It has a fresh citrus & soft bitter herbs finish

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Perfect Serve

Pimm's No.1 is the perfect drink for sharing; making every occasion extra special and deliciously memorable

To make a Pimm's No.1 Cup pour 50ml Pimm's No.1 over ice, add 150ml chilled lemonade (we recommend Fever-Tree Premium Lemonade), garnish with lemons, cucumber, strawberries & fresh mint (If making in a jug, or larger quantities, use a 1:3 ratio of Pimm's to Lemonade).

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