Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum (Mini) 10cl

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A special XO Plantation rum made in honour of the Master Distiller

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Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum

This rum is part of Plantation’s Signature Blends range. A series of rums from the Caribbean and South pacific that are finished in France, using local knowledge from the Cognac region, and using secret recipes from Maison Ferrand, producers of cognac and other fine spirits.

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum is made from extra-old rums from Barbados and was developed to honour Alexandre Gabriel’s 20 years as Master Blender. The rums are chosen for structure and aromatic characteristics that are well suited for intensive oak ageing. From its first release, this edition was very well received by rum enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, and over a decade later this rum continues to receive positive reviews and top awards.

This Signature Blend is made using rums from Barbados, which have first been aged in bourbon casks under the tropical sun for 8-15 years. When ready, the barrels set sail for France to be further aged on the continent for 2-10 years, using a mixture of new white oak, bourbon and Ferrand (cognac) casks, each with a different level of toasting. This centuries-old process of “double ageing“ adds smoothness and complexity to the finished rum.

On the nose there are initial fruity and floral aromas which lead to notes of sweet vanilla, cocoa and milk. On the palate there are complex layers of chocolate, vanilla, ripe banana and roasted coconut. There is also a hint of fresh mango from the long maturation process in the French oak casks, a flavour that confirms the rums advanced age. With a delicious long finish, this rum is one to be savoured.

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Perfect Serve

To enjoy Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum, add to a glass with a large ice cube, sip slowly and enjoy.

If you don’t like your rum neat, add a drop of coconut water for a delicious drink with a tropical vibe.

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