Plymouth Gin 70cl

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Rich and smooth tasting, it is the result of a balanced blend of seven hand-selected botanicals.

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Plymouth Gin

Made in the Blackfriars Distillery in Plymouth (hence the name), Plymouth Gin has a rich heritage. Its 200 year old recipe is a closely guarded secret, but contains 7 botanicals; Juniper Berries, Coriander Seed, Orand Peel, Lemon Peel, Angelican Root, Green Cadamom and Orris Root.

This gives this gin a rich, deep, but fresh aroma of piney juniper which is followed by herbal earthy notes of coriander and cardamom.

In the mouth this is a creamy, full-bodied gin. Extremely smooth, it coats the mouth well. It has fresh juniper notes, but this is pierced by a subtle sweetness, and a deliciously fresh lemon bite.

This truly is a delicious, and enjoyable gin.  

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Perfect Serve

When combined with a neutral tonic (we recommend Double Dutch Indian Tonic), the juniper and citrus tastes are really enhanced by the carbonation. Take a large glass and fill with ice. Add 50ml of the gin, and then slowly add 150ml of tonic. Stir gently, and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Or how about a classic from the archives of the British Royal Navy? The original Pink Gin. In a mixing glass filled with ice, add 60ml of gin and 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Stir to chill the drink, and then strain into an old fashioned glass. Garnish with a twist of orange peel. (If this is a little strong for you, add a similar amount of water to the gin). 

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