Poetic License Graceful Vodka 70cl

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A deliciously smooth Vodka made in the north of England with British Wheatå

Poetic License
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Poetic License Graceful Vodka

Based in Sunderland, in the North of England, The Poetic License distillery likes to do things a little differently. They work hard on their flavour combinations, and say that the unfamiliar (but delicious) should be expected.

There's a reason behind the Poetic License calling their vodka Graceful - They create this with a view to the end result being a gloriously smooth spirit.

The reason that their Vodka is so smooth is due to the way that Poetic License select their ingredients and distill. Created entirely from British wheat ensures it has the velvety smooth texture, and to ensure the purity, they distill 7 times. They closely monitor the whole process to preserving its subtle taste.

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Perfect Serve

As this is so smooth, it can easily be enjoyed on its own or in the mix. We particularly like this with a lemonade. Pour 50ml of vodka into a either copa glass or a tall glass filled with ice. Fill the glass with lemonade and garnish with a slice of lime

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