Rogue Wave Vodka 70cl

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Rogue Wave Vodka, a single malt vodka which is named in honour of 'One-Armed Alex' the cousin of one of Brewdog's Founders, James Watt.

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Rogue Wave Vodka

One-Armed Alex may have lost his arm in a freak fishing accident somewhere in the North Sea, but he didn't lose his love of life and went straight back to sailing. Rogue Wave Vodka is named as a tribute to him.

The malted barley and malted wheat spirit is distilled over 7 days. The vapour passes through the Worlds first triple-bubble copper pot still until it hits the column and the higher it goes, the purer it gets. By only filtering once, the spirit keeps its soul.

With subtle notes of icing sugar and vanilla, Rogue Wave is a clean and crisp vodka that you will never forget.

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Perfect Serve

This Vodka is perfect for a Moscow Mule.

Add ice cubes to a glass or a Copper Mule Mug, add 50ml of vodka, 150ml of The Artisan Drinks Co Fiery Ginger Beer and 5ml of freshly squeezed lime. Stir well and garnish with a wedge of lime and a dash of Angostura Bitters.

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