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Russian winter wheat and pure glacial water combine to form Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard
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Russian Standard Vodka

It was in 1894 that Dmitry Mendeleev, (arguably the greatest scientist in all Russia), was passed a decree from the Tsar to create an Imperial quality standard for Russian vodka. It was from here that the 'Russian Standard' was born.

Today in St Petersburg, Russian Standard's state-of-the-art distillery allows them to bring this vodka heritage directly into the 21st Century.

They create a vodka which is naturally pure, of exceptional quality - and of course, great tasting. They distill in St Petersburg, and select the finest Russian winter wheat from the Russian Steppes, and use only pure glacial water sourced form Lake Ladoga. The ingredients pass through state of the art filtration processes over 200 times.

Through this process, they create a Russian vodka. As they say.... Vodka as it should be.

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Perfect Serve

Drink the Russian way, and have as a shot served ice cold (straight from the freezer).

For a longer drink, we love a Russian Mule. Fill a copper mule mug with ice, and squeeze in the juice of one lime. Add 50ml of the vodka, and top up with Ginger Beer (we recommend Fentimans). Garnish with the other half of the lime cut into wedges.

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