RX Blue Gin 70cl

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The eye catching colour change isn't all there is to this gin, it brings delicious fruity notes and a touch of spice

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RX Blue Gin

The beginning of 2019 brought RX a challenge... how to develop their range after the Classic, and Orange gins? For this, they launched something different... a brilliant blue gin, which changes colour when you add tonic!

The blue colour of the gin comes from the tropical kittel flower, and is used extensively in Southeast Asia in cooking. It has a brilliant blue colour, and a delicate yellow-white heart.

When tonic is added to the drink, a (totally harmless!) reaction occurs between the acids in the tonic, and the botanicals in the gin, causing the change to a delicate pink colour. Definitely a talking point in itself.

In the mouth this gin is quite fruity, with berry notes (strawberry and raspberry), along with a rouch of spice from cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. Lemon brings a slight zing towards the end.

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Perfect Serve

This gin works best as a gin tonic, where you get to experience the colour change. Pour 50ml of the gin into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a slice of orange, and then slowly pour over 150ml of tonic (we recommend East Imperial Tonic Water, as it matched the flavours in the gin really well). Watch the colour change as you pour the tonic in, then sit back and enjoy!

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