RX Classic Dry Gin 70cl

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A refreshing classic gin with a slight kick

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RX Classic Dry Gin

The thought behind the RX gin was to once again make gin as it was intended.

In 2017 the dutch RX Classic Gin was born. Made in small batches, the botanicals are macerated in pure grain alcohol in a copper still for a number of weeks to ensure the flavours permeate.

Juniper was once again on the front line of taste. However, there are 16 other botanicals (including lemon zest which brings the gin a fresh note, rhubarb root adding a bite, and ginger which adds a kick at the end) which blend together to create the gin. Other botanicals in the gin include coriander seed, lemon zest, cardamom, cinnamon and lavender.

The taste is of a classic gin being strong on the juniper, and a little spicy. With the other botanicals come a refreshing citrus note along with sharp bitter notes. Altogether though, a delicious fresh gin with a twist.

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Perfect Serve

We find this gin best served with a neutral tonic, and recommend Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic. Mix 50ml of the gin with 150ml of tonic over plenty of ice in a large glass. Finish off with a garnish of fresh mint.

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