Secco Ginger & Lime Drink Infusion Sachet

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A classic garnish combination of ginger and lime, with a cinnamon stick

Weight (kg)
1 x 4g
Country of Origin
South Africa


Secco Ginger & Lime Drink Infusion Sachet

Add the wow factor to your Gin Tonic, cocktail or soft drink with one of these perfect sized, single serve bags of deliciousness.

Each bag contains a hand selected mix of freeze-dried ginger, lime and a cinnamon stick that will add flavour and transform the look of your drink. When added to your drink, the freeze-dried botanicals will come back to life, releasing the natural flavours.

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Perfect Serve

When we think of ginger and lime, we think of a Mule. Mix Ginger Beer with Gin (Gin-Gin Mule) or Vodka (Moscow Mule) for a delicious cocktail. Add an infusion sachet and its ready to drink. Don't forget the ice!

The ginger and lime is also perfect for your G&T using a spicy gin like Peaky Blinder or Opihr Oriental Spiced

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