Swedish Tonic Gin & Tonic Glögg 50cl

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A delicious fusion between mulled wine, and gin tonic. Deliciously different!

Swedish Tonic
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Swedish Tonic Gin & Tonic Glögg (Mulled Wine)

Drinking mulled wine is something thats been done in Northern Europe for some time now. In Sweden, it's something they've been doing in the cold north since 1609. Gustav Vasa (a Swedish King) is said to have spiced up his wine with cinnamon and cloves. And who are we to argue with Royalty?!

Move forward a few centuries to the 19th century in India. The British army were suffering from both heat and malaria. To protect against malaria, they utilised quinine, made from cinchona wood bar for their drinks, mixed it with sugar and spices, and the classic gin tonic was born.

Swedish Tonic, being fans of both the Mulled Wine, and Gin & Tonic decided to combine the two. They warmed it, loved the result, so bottled it - and here we are!

Definitely something for the winter months. Delicious!

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Perfect Serve

Warm gently, and enjoy on its own - or maybe with some cloudy apple juice. Garnish with a stick of cinnamon.

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