Swedish Tonic Syrup 200ml short date 30/09/21

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Deliciously natural tonic syrup, allowing you to make your tonic the way YOU like it!

Swedish Tonic
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Swedish Tonic Syrup Short Date

Whilst there are may different tonic brands, there are none like Swedish Tonic. They like to bring people together and make it easy to socialise. With their range of tonic syrups, you can invite the wow-factor whilst making a drink at your party, a gin tonic evening, or even a quencher at the beach (when the weather permits). They all deserve something different.

Swedish Tonic have a motto: "Don’t serve a drink, serve a story. It might just change your world".

Their reason to be is to serve products which are born from curiousness – They use all natural ingredients having learnt that you can’t beat them. Sweet agave and real cinchona are used, which makes the syrup a delicious looking amber colour.

Something different.... its a natural born ice-breaker that helps make experiences worth remembering.

Just add the amount of syrup to your taste to sparkling water, then use as you would any tonic water.

One bottle is enough for about 10 drinks, but this depends on your personal taste when making.

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