Swedish Tonic Syrup Rhubarb 200ml short date BB 24/06/21

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Delicious real rhubarb adds to the classic tonic flavour from Swedish Tonic in this limited edition version

Swedish Tonic
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Swedish Tonic Syrup Rhubarb Short Date

This (limited edition) version of Swedish Tonics syrup is handmade from all natural ingredients, real cinchona bark (for the quinine and bitterness), agave syrup, citrus fruits & large amounts of real rhubarb!

The classic bitterness of their tonic meets the slight acidity from the real rhubarb. 

With the tonic syrups its real simple.... mix your desired amount of syrup with carbonated water to get a fresh, fruity (and delicious) rhubarb flavoured tonic.

Each bottle will make around 10 tonics, but as this is a "make to your own tasting", this will vary.

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Perfect Serve

This is an absolutely delicious limited edition variant of Swedish Tonic's syrup, so good it can easily be enjoyed on its own.

However it works incredibly well with a classic London Dry Gin, or even unflavoured vodkas

For a gin tonic, mix 20ml of the tonic syrup with 50ml of your chosen gin, and then top up with 100 - 150ml of carbonated water. Stir, and enjoy!

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