Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur 70cl

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Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur offers an unparalleled blend of tea and herbs. A must-have for those who cherish unique flavours.

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Explore the Unique World of Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur


Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur pays homage to the rich Slovak tradition of tea liqueurs, distinguished by its unique blend of tea and carefully selected herbs. This bottle embodies the essence of the Tatra Mountains, drawing inspiration and ingredients from its pristine environment.

The Art Behind Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur

Crafted in the heart of Slovakia, Tatratea Original combines the purity of mountain tea with a rich mix of local herbs and fruits. This results in a liqueur of exceptional quality and an unforgettable taste that appeals to both the adventurous spirit and the connoisseur.

A Flavour Sensation Unmatched

With its robust and complex flavour profile, Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur offers a true taste sensation. The harmonious balance between sweetness and spiciness makes it a versatile choice for cocktails, as well as a delight to sip neat or over ice.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether it's a special celebration or a cosy evening at home, Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur adds a unique element to any moment. It's the perfect base for innovative cocktails or to enjoy neat, making each sip a journey of discovery.

Tasting Notes

Delve into the rich and complex world of Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur, a masterpiece of flavour.

Aroma: Rich and aromatic, with an inviting blend of mountain tea and a variety of herbs.

Taste: Full and complex, achieving a perfect harmony between the sweetness of tea and the depth of herbs.

Finish: Long and warming, leaving a lasting impression of the unique flavour combination.

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Perfect Serve

Enjoy Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur neat, over ice, or as an intriguing ingredient in cocktails.

Cocktail suggestion: Tatratea Fusion - Mix 50ml Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur with 100ml fresh apple cider. Add ice and garnish with a slice of apple and a cinnamon stick for a refreshing twist.


Is Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur suitable for cocktails?

Absolutely, its unique flavour profile makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of cocktails.

What distinguishes Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur from other liqueurs?

The unique combination of mountain tea, herbs, and fruits, inspired by the Slovak Tatra Mountains, gives Tatratea Original its distinctive taste and quality.

How should I best serve my Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur?

Tatratea Original can be served neat, over ice, or as part of a cocktail, depending on personal preference.

How do I store Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur?

For optimal flavour experience, store Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

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