Teeling Small Batch Whiskey Gift Pack 70cl

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Challenging convention as to what Irish whiskey should be, this is a delicious whiskey influenced by maturation in rum barrels

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Teeling Small Batch Whiskey Gift Pack

Contained within this Teeling Branded presentation tin is a full bottle (70cl) of Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey, and 2 glasses which are etched with the Teeling brand. Using the Teeling glasses, you can savour the delicious flavour of Teeling with a friend.

This makes the ideal gift for the whiskey lover in your life, for fathers day, or just to treat yourself.

This pack contains:

1 x Teeling Small Batch Whiskey 70cl

2 x Teeling Tumber Glasses

1 x Gift Pack (Tin)

Teeling Small Batch Whiskey

With a family history in distilling which dates back to Walter Teeling in 1782, it was no surprise when Jack and Stephen Teeling opened a distillery in Dublin in 2015. In fact, the Teeling Distillery is now the first new distillery in Dublin for over 125 years.

They wanted to create a contemporary brand, which, whilst looking to the future they ensure to keep an eye on the past. In this way, they can appeal to the modern whiskey drinker, whilst ensuring traditions are honoured.

For their small batch whiskey, their unconventional approach ensures a whiskey which is full of natural character.

Whilst this is undoubtedly an Irish whiskey, they have challenged what this means. It has distinct layers of flavour which are a result of their unconventional cask maturation process.

Using ex-bourbon barrels, they age grain and malt whiskies. This process imparts delicious vanilla and oak notes to the whiskey. Once completed, they blend these (3:1 grain to malt) and age further, this time in Central American Rum casks. . This process lasts for up to 12 months, giving the whiskey a distinct, and unique, dried fruit profile.

The result of this process is something quite different. The nose is inviting, with vanilla and spice merging perfectly with bright sweet notes of Rum.

On the palate there is a solid influence from the resting in rum barrels. This creates a smooth, sweet and slightly woody flavour. Further influence from the rum shows with fruit notes coming through, with a sweet spicy finish which is complimented by a lingering woody undertone.

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Perfect Serve

As with most whiskies, enjoy this as you will! Straight up or over ice. It also works well in the mix, imparting unique flavours from the rum barrels.

We love this in an Apple of my Eye cocktail, which works particularly well in the autumn / winter. Add 35ml of the whiskey, 25ml of apple juice, 5ml of honey and 5ml mixed spice (apple pie spices!) to a cocktail shaker filled with ice, and shake until chilled. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice, and garnish with a few slices of apple

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