The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur 50cl

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An authentically sweet and floral liqueur made with violets

The Bitter Truth
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The Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur

With this Violet Liqueur, The Bitter Truth uses the blossoms and roots of violets which are added to the finest neutral spirit.

The colourful hue of this drink, according to The Bitter Truth is "reminiscent of a full moon reflected on a river in the twilight". In this way, they honor the name of the flower which gives the liqueur its name. The deep purple is evocative of the unique flavour of this fragile flower.

It has a delicate sweetness, with a perfume of parma violets. The taste is similar, but also with hints of wild berries, and sweet vanilla. It's a natural seducer (once tried, you're sure to love it!), with its intense southern French flavour being both sensitive and balanced enough to elevate your Aviation cocktail to the heavens. 

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Perfect Serve

This violet liqueur impressively captures the delicate and elegant flavours of the flower. It adds a distinctive flavour, and delicate colour to classic cocktails like the Aviation, the Blue Moon, and the Violet Fizz can now be made true to the original recipe.

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