The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold Whisky 1L

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Blending whiskies aged in two different casks gives a delicious mellow edition of The Famous Grouse

The Famous Grouse
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The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold

The blending of premium whisky isn't just something that's done, and it has been the foundation of The Famous Grouse craft since 1800. It's been Scotland's favourite whisky now for over 40 years.

With their Mellow Gold Edition, The Famous Grouse have created a whisky with a delicious mellow character and depth of flavour.

The Mellow Gold edition blends whiskies from rare, handcrafted Spanish sherry casks and charred American oak bourbon casks.  This ensures a whisky which has a rich honey colour, mellow character and rich depth of flavour.

The aroma us full of orange peel, vanilla, and a hint of fruit from lychee. The taste, while mellow packs in flavours, with a touch of spice, crème brulee, orange bitters and cedar. It finishes with a lingering spiciness, enlivened with a hit of lemon peel

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Perfect Serve

Enjoy this neat, with a splash of water or served over ice. It also mixes perfectly with soda water, or a lemonade.

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