Thomas Henry Ginger Ale 200ml

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Where the natural notes of ginger create a special, spicy taste sensation. Cheers!

Thomas Henry
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Thomas Henry Ginger Ale

This is the premium mixer for all lovers of classic long drinks as well as experimental connoisseurs. The powerful ginger note meets gentle caramel aromas. Rounded off with a harmonious sweetness, the result is a particularly spicy taste experience.

Thomas Henry Ginger Ale is the spiciest Ginger Ale on the market. In 2016, the premium, Berlin-made mixer took home first place at the Mixology Taste Forum.

Similar to ginger beer, Ginger Ale has a history as an alcoholic drink. Ales are among the top-fermented beers in England. With the invention of carbonation by the pharmacist Thomas Henry in 1773 however, the non-alcoholic variant of ginger ale became more and more established. The idea of flavouring carbonated water with natural ginger originated in Ireland.

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Perfect Serve

This Ginger Ale is perfect for long drinks made with whisky, but also goes well with gin, rum, brandy, and liqueurs.

For a real Bourbon classic cocktail, try the Horse's Neck. Add a large single ice cube into a glass, and then add 40ml of American Bourbon (we like Jim Beam Bourbon for this) and 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Top up with Ginger Ale. Finally, garnish with a twist of Lemon Zest.

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