Thomas Henry Mystic Mango 200ml

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A deliciously tropical mango flavoured lemonade from Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry
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Thomas Henry Mystic Mango

The history of Thomas Henry mixers goes back to 2010 in Berlin. The founders (Sebastian Brack, and Norman Sievert) couldn't find what they felt were the perfect mixers for their favourite drinks. In co-operation with leading bartenders and gastronomy professionals they created their initial range. The rest, as they say, is history - with Thomas Henry Mixers now found in some of the best bars in the world!

Interesting Fact: Their name pays homage to the creator of caronated water, Thomas Henry, who in 1773 was one of the first people to succesfully carbonate water. 

With this drink, Thomas Henry have expanded the range of fruit flavoured lemonades available. Theis Mystic Mango is the first mango flavoured lemonade available.

Using pure, natural ingredients, they have used not only deliciously sweet mango - but also the sweet-sour pitanga fruit. This creates a sophisticated lemonade which is easily enjoyed on its own as it is in the mix.

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Perfect Serve

Whilst this is a deliciously sweet and refreshing drink on its own, it works exceptionally well in the mix. In particular, tiki drinks work well with their tropical vibe. But also try with your favourite dark spirits, whisky, rum or even Cachaça.

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