Vørdings Rose Gin 70cl

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A delicate rose coloured, and flavoured gin with a light sweetness, and a touch of cedarwood at the end

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Vørdings Rose Gin

Following the success of his first gin, in 2020 Thomas Vørding released his third spirit, and second gin. Whilst this delightfully blush pink gin goes in a different direction than the original, there was never any doubt that the core element, the cedarwood, would remain.

This is a floral gin, with rose buds, peach, and tulip bulbs (it is a Dutch gin after all!) joining the juniper, coriander and cedarwood. 

The aroma of the gin is really something different. Whilst juniper can be felt, it is in the background. Floral aroma, specifically rose is what greets you first, and is quickly joined by a sweetness from the peach.

When tasting, there is a pleasant citrus note to the gin. Throughout the tasting, the coriander and juniper are present, but as with the aroma are present gently, and in the background. As the taste unfolds the rose buds become present with floral notes, and a delicate sweetness. The finish is where the cedarwood makes itself known, lingering to the end - and pleasingly, the rose notes remain too.

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Perfect Serve

Depending on how much of a fan you are of rose, we have two ways that this gin can be enjoyed.

Firstly, if you really want to linger on the rose, we suggest making this with Fentimans Rose Lemonade. This also has the benefit of not having the bitterness from quinine which is found in tonics. Pour 50ml of the gin into a large glass filled with ice, and top up with the lemonade (between 150 and 200ml). Garnish with a sliver of peach.

If you want the rose to be more of a delicate flavour to your drink, pair with a neutral tonic, like Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic Water. This will allow the flavours in the gin to express themselves a little more. Again, 50ml of the gin to 150-200ml of the tonic. Garnish with a couple of rose petals (if available), or again, with a sliver of peach.

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