Whitley Neill Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin 70cl

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A limited edition of Whitley Neill brings us sweet strawberries with a hint of cracked black pepper in a delicious new gin

Whitley Neill
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United Kingdom
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Fruity, Sweet


Whitley Neill Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin

This is another special (and limited edition) from the makers of the UK's best-selling gin.

Lusciously red and juicy Strawberries offer a distinct sweetness in this gin, but his is perfectly balanced out with a hint of cracked black pepper.

It's a perfect continuation to their Limited Edition range. Taking one of the UK's favourite fruits (which is synonymous with summer) the Strawberry.

The inspiration comes from fond memories going back to a time when Johnny and his family grew (what they claim to be) the sweetest and juiciest of Strawberries. This was in their kitchen garden farm in a little place called Rockbeare, Devon, England.

This combination works perfectly as a partnership with the Original botanicals in Whitley Neill Gin.

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Perfect Serve

Due to the sweetness inherent in this gin, we love this with a light tonic, such as Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic. In a large glass filled with ice, add 50ml of the gin and top up with 200m Light Tonic. Garnish with sliced strawberries and a sprig of fresh basil

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