Woodland Barrel Aged Dry Gin - Masters Cut 2019 50cl

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Woodland Barrel Aged Dry Gin - Masters Cut 2019 50cl
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Something quite special can be found in this limited edition bottle. Not only is it presented in an exclusive wooden box, but there are only 1,000 of these ever created, each individually numbered.

A barrel-aged gin, it was created in collaboration with St. Kilian Distillers, a pure single malt whiskey distillery in Germany.

The classic Woodland Dry Gin with its Sauerland Botanicals and already unique taste was rested in barrels that had previously used for the three-year aging of the St. Kilian Signature Edition One Single Malt.

The result? The gin benefited from the balanced fruitiness and malty finish of the Signature Edition One as well as from the individual flavour found in each barrel.

It has a velvety soft and highly aromatic flavour profile. The woody, earthy Sauerland Botanicals can be clearly tasted and the top note of citrus aromas is most definitely preserved. However, in addition, powdered sugar, slightly woody whiskey aromas, a hint of vanilla and caramel can also be tasted.

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