Reisetbauer Blue Gin 70cl

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Reisetbauer Blue Gin
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The variety of Botanicals

Exactly 27 botanicals. No more, no less. We cannot reveal all of them, but this should be said:Juniper is the most important ingredient. The berriesused always come from the latest harvest and arefresh and well ripened. Their aroma must be freshand show typical Mediterranean-spice.Additional ingredients include lemon zest, angelicaroot, cilantro seeds, turmeric, liquorice root andmany more!The precise origin of these high quality botanicals isalso a secret, but we can say they come from morethan ten countries, including Egypt, China, Spain,Indonesia, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Turkey,USA, and Vietnam.

Pure Spring Water

The spring water used in ourBLUE GINcomes froman alpine pasture in the north of Upper Austria.You might ask how water could be so special andimportant, but in reality this step is one of the mostimportant within the Gin production. The springwater must be very low in sodium and lime andalso it should be as smooth and mild, and show asmuch regional character as possible.The spring from our alpine pasture provides allthese characteristics. This clear water is very rare interms of its quality and is perfect to dilute our high-proof Gin to 43% vol alcohol.

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