Alkkemist Gin 70cl

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Alkkemist Gin is distilled during the full moon which holds an intimate relation with the mystery around its formula
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Fruity, Spicy


Alkkemist Gin is distilled when the influence of the moon is bigger: 12 times a year; a strict methodology to produce an Ultra Premium quality gin.

Alkkemist Gin is born on a base of grain alcohol 3 times distilled. It is made in traditional copper alembics, with a quadruple distillation from which only the heart of each distillation is extracted to obtain a pure mixture that guarantees the perfect fusion between grain and a formidable selection of 21 botanicals carefully selected.

Alkkemist Gin is the first gin that uses Muscat grape in its making, selected from the best strains in the Mediterranean, being added at the end of the process to provide an exquisite and exclusive scent.

Best served over plenty of ice with a neutral tonic, such as Fentimans Premium Indian Tonic, or the Connoiseurs Tonic Water. Garnish with a slice of (dehydrated) orange to bring out some of the botanical flavours.

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